Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this FAQ carefully before using this website

1: What is the minimum threshold to order Views, Likes, and subscribers from YTbe?

We only support a minimum of 1000 Views, 50 Likes, 100 subscribers / 1 Youtube link.

2: Where is the source of Youtube views I bought by YTbe?

Views from YTbe come from external by social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

3: How many views will I get maximum per day from YTbe if I place order?

We can provide millions of views every day, it depends on your request. If you need a larger number of views, please contact us to prioritize your order.

4: Are views from safe?

Yes, all our views are real audiences, we guarantee to permanently secure with the audiences we have promoted for your channels.

5: Are likes and subscribe safe?

Likes and subscribe are safe for your channel, you can use this service without any problems.

6: Will the views I order from receive Likes, Subs or comment?

We think not!

7: Can I optionally target views by country for my videos?

Currently not, We will update this feature in the coming time.

8: How to place an order?

You just need to Register, Login, Add Funds and you can already optionally place an order.

9: What is the minimum threshold to add funds?

The minimum threshold for adding funds is $5.

10: How does support additional funds?

We support adding funds in cryptocurrency by USDC of Coinbase, USDT, BUSD, Webmoney and Perfect Money. For additional funds through Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western union or Payoneer we only work via Email or Telegram chat.

11: Can I deposit via USDT (TRC20) ?

Yes, we allow you to deposit via USDT with TRC20. Please contact us to deposit. We will provide wallet address for you. Everything needs to be done manually.

12: Will I be refunded the amount of money that I deposited if I don't order views?

Yes, you will be refunded the amount of money that you added funds, but you will be charged for additional fees.

For better understanding: we will refund the money we received from you via Webmoney, Perfectmoney, Payoneer, Paypal or Crypto, and you will have to pay for the transaction fees from those payment gateways.

13: I ordered about 10,000 views but only got 9000 views, why?

Initially, our system will give you an approximate number of views that you have ordered and the order will go to completion status. Don't worry! You will get enough views that you have ordered! Missing views will be refilled after 36 hours.

14: How YTbe works.

We work 16 hours a day. Our working time zone is UTC + 7.

15: Can I cooperate with to get a commission from reselling services?

Yes, certainly. We always welcome partners who can bring customers to us. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested.

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